Lemon Ribbon World

Welcome to Lemon Ribbon World – home of the lovable Cat, Bunny, Panda, Monster, Lion and Croc. Come and meet these six friends who all live in Lemon Ribbon; a bright and fun-filled imaginary world packed full of things to make and play. This brand new app is now available on the iTunes app store for iPad and iPhones.

The app is a combination of four character games and an interactive and customisable world for little ones to engage with. Seek out Cat for a spot of football; in ‘Cat’s Kickabout’ you play keepie uppie in a variety of locations, each with their own unique features. Feeling arty? Then ‘Bunny’s Paintshop’ is worth a visit. There are a range of drawing tools and colours to choose and stickers to add to your masterpiece. For speedy heads you can help out in ‘Monster’s Delivery’. Monster has lots of letters and parcels to deliver and collect, the only trouble is he wants to go fast! Other challenges include a balloon popping run and stunt mode! Music making in ‘Panda’s Pop’ lets you pull instruments onto a beat, change the pitch and up the tempo to make your own tune. Your latest track can be played in the world via the radio at the top.

As the world unlocks, you can claim new buildings with hearts collected by playing the games and viewing the child safe video adverts included. These ads are served by Super Awesome, for more information about the SAFE AD watermark please visit here.

Feature list: A vibrant world full of sounds and interaction | Meet the inhabitants of Lemon Ribbon | 2x fun and creative activities | 2x unique games with extra modes | A customisable town that expands as you play | Lots of payoff and reward for little ones | Child-friendly content for preschool age (and up) | More updates on the way!

This exciting new app will continue to receive new content over time, bringing more character games and features to the world – watch this space!